Bonus Blues

If you are fully vaccinated but DID NOT receive the full $2,000 Essential Personnel Appreciation bonus last week, you can still get your money.

Just send a photo of your vaccination card to the following email address: [email protected].

Not Vaccinated Yet?

Employees who are unvaccinated still have time to become fully vaccinated and report their vaccine status to receive the additional $500 bonus. 

  1. You must provide proof of a valid vaccination card with an immunization record from a pharmacy/health care facility, an employee medical record or another official document that lists vaccination date, where administered and vaccine type.
  2. Email a photo of that card to [email protected].
  3. The email should include your name and PERNR.
  4. You must submit this information by April 22 to receive the additional $500 bonus, which will be issued May 6.  

We understand the frustration of fully vaccinated members who got shorted on their bonus checks. However, payroll oversight resides with the company, not the union.

Still, your union leaders have been very vocal on your behalf about the bonus issue.