Mary Jackson Center Moves Forward

Mary Jackson continues to get her due. The late trailblazing engineer and mother-in-law of Local 8888 Trustee Raymond Lewis was honored at a special reception in the U.S. Capitol building in April for her pioneering contributions to America’s space program. The event, which marked Women’s History Month, had previously honored First Lady (forever) Michelle Obama. Brother Lewis accompanied Carolyn Lewis, his wife and daughter of Ms. Jackson whose remarkable story was told in the hit movie “Hidden Figures.”

In 2017, Local 8888 led a petition drive that convinced the City of Hampton to rename a new neighborhood center for Ms. Jackson, who passed away in 2005. Even in her hometown, she did not have a public building or street named in her honor. The new Mary Jackson Neighborhood Center is in the design phase, according to Hampton City Manager Mary Bunting. Local 8888 and residents in the Olde Hampton neighborhood, where Ms. Jackson grew up, will get a preview of the proposed design before one is selected for the $3.5 million project.