March 12, 2020

Eblast March 12, 2020

CORONAVIRUS ALERT: Company Adopts Emergency Leave Policy
The coronavirus has changed everything -- forcing citizens, businesses, governments and organizations to take dramatic steps to protect lives and prevent the spread of this deadly virus. The leadership of USW Local 8888 takes this growing health crisis very, very seriously. Consequently, following discussions with our international office, Local 8888 has agreed to a one-time emergency leave provision that the company will implement for an 8-week period, March 16 – May 4, 2020. 
The specific language of the provision reads:  “If you or your family member become ill during the next 8-week period, March 16th – May 4th, hourly employees who have a zero balance of annual leave may borrow up to 40 hours of annual leave to be used during an illness or quarantine period in 8-hour increments. Any borrowed annual leave will be deducted from the employee’s next annual leave balance entitlement. We will continue to monitor the coronavirus impact and the need for extending this one-time provision. In order to obtain borrowed Annual Leave, LR must be contacted to make the Payroll adjustment.”
If you have any questions about the new provision, contact Human Resources or call the union hall (757) 247-5291. Also, please practice safe hygiene to protect yourself, your loved ones and your co-workers. 
Townhall Meeting Postponed
Due to travel precautions stemming from the coronavirus, the 2020 Election townhall meeting scheduled at the union hall on March 21st has been postponed. The event will be held on a future date.