President Spivey Fights for Hazard Pay in Congress

There are some important developments happening in Washington that are good news for Local 8888 members. Hazard pay for shipyard workers is in the Hero Act recently passed by the House of Representatives and sent to the U.S. Senate. The hazard pay measure is included in a $200 billion fund to support premium pay for essential frontline workers in the private sector who are sustaining their communities and the economy during this pandemic.

This critical provision, which Local 8888 lobbied hard for and Rep. Bobby Scott fought tirelessly to be included in the House bill, provides $13 per hour premium pay on top of regular wages, up to $10,000 to frontline workers in designated categories, including longshore and shipyard workers.

Getting this money in the Hero Act has been main priority for Local 8888 President Charles Spivey for the past 6 weeks or longer. "I cannot thank Rep. Scott enough for getting his colleagues in the House to recognize the full value of workers considered 'essential,' like shipbuilders in Newport News. He nearly gave blood to make sure we are compensated for the risks we’re exposed to on the job. So please contact his office and let him know how much you appreciate his loyalty and leadership. [757-380-1000]," he said.

But the fate of the Hero Act and your hazard pay is now in the hands of Mitch McConnell and his Republican majority in the U.S. Senate. McConnell, however, has thrown up a major roadblock. He says he won’t do a deal with Senate Democrats unless they agree to shield big companies from liability if their workers contract the coronavirus.

It’s a shame McConnell and other senators would hold your hazard pay hostage to favors for big business. Well, it’s time for YOU to act! Tell him to put frontline workers first and pass the Hero Act.

Let Mitch know you need your hazard pay NOW! [202-224-2541]

With your active support and our great lobbying team in Washington, we will continue to fight every day for your hazard pay and respect for your sacrifice.