From President Spivey: I Say YES!

Every contract leaves unfinished business. But a good contract makes improvements that can significantly benefit shipbuilders in the yard and in life.

The contract that you will vote on meets that marker:

  • This contract, like past agreements, brings in new money ($22,000)
  • It includes a first-ever Essential Employee payment
  • It speeds up wage progression and removes barriers to advancement
  • Domestic partners will be eligible for medical benefits for the first time
  • It boosts pension payments by $350

This is a solid contract that protects our members and their families, and I stand behind it strongly. 

Now, there will be members who disagree with me or other negotiators. That's fine. But a "No Vote" will leave no choice but to take a vote to strike. That would take more time.

But I know this truth: strikes bring hardships without a guarantee of getting a better contract.

Truthfully, how many missed paychecks can you take? I have some experience. We lost two holidays and 10% vacation time in the 1995 contract that led to the 1999 strike. I'm proud to say that we just regained that second holiday in this contract.

Through good times and hard times, I have poured my heart into this union. I'm grateful to lead negotiators who delivered their best. I believe this contract keeps us on solid footing for the future.

I encourage this generation in the yard to accept the challenge and hard work of fighting for better and better contracts, along with building activism and solidarity, and servicing the community.

With your vote, put your stamp on this contract. 


  1. Please complete your mail ballot when it arrives and mail it back IMMEDIATELY.
  2. It is strongly recommended that you mail your ballot by March 2nd for it to be received by March 7th, the deadline. No late ballots will be counted.
  3. You MUST put your name on the outside return envelope for your ballot to be counted.