Every vote matters when it comes to ratifying a lengthy contract that will impact every shipbuilder in the yard and their families for years to come.

So, please, take time to complete your ballot correctly. Follow the mailing instructions exactly. Ballots or return envelopes that do not follow the guidelines will be disqualified. Don't waste your vote like that.


  1. Please complete your mail ballot when it arrives and mail it back IMMEDIATELY.
  2. It is strongly recommended that you mail your ballot by March 2nd for it to be received by 8:30 am, March 7th, the deadline. No late ballots will be counted.
  3. You MUST put your name and address on the outside return envelope for your ballot to be counted.


A special phone line has been opened up to leave voice messages if no staff are available to take your call about the contract or voting.

The phone number for the voicemail is (757) 296-8809. Once you leave a message, an International staff member will receive a notification and will respond promptly.

Meanwhile, during office hours, call (757) 896-9045 if you have questions or a request.


A good number of members are working offsite and can't receive mail sent to their home address.

But they WILL be able to vote on the contract by contacting the International staff office and requesting a ballot package (including a contract summary).

One will be sent to your current location.