On March 7, one week from today, ballots will be collected, certified and counted. If you haven't voted yet, whatever is weighing on your mind should NOT stop you from casting your vote. This is your BEST chance to get paid soon and protect your family.

Don't Assume the Outcome. Vote Anyway.

You can only control one vote -- YOURS.

  • Don't lean on somebody else's vote.
  • Don't assume how anybody else will vote.
  • Vote for yourself.

Hurry, Not Too Late!

Mail your ballot by Wednesday, March 2, to ensure it will be received by 8:30 am, March 7, the deadline. Don't take any chances. Mail it back by IMMEDIATELY.

Last Call

If you have not received your mail-in ballot yet, there is still time to vote on this contract. But you must IMMEDIATELY contact the International staff office to obtain a new ballot, which still will be due by 8:30 am, March 7.

During office hours, call (757) 896-9045. The phone number for voicemail is (757) 296-8809.